David Knight - 25th Oct 2011

Vanderquest - leading video duplication supplier to the broadcast and music industries - is the latest company to become a partner of the UK Music Video Awards 2011, sponsoring the Best Editing in a Video award at the UKMVAs on November 8th.

Vanderquest's association with the music video industry goes back nearly thirty years - duplicating, distributing and even re-editing videos prior to broadcast. The company also provides the crucial Harding Test, and re-edits material to ensure that music videos pass the test that measures the level of flashing images - recognised as a potential trigger for seizures in epilepsy sufferers.

"Over the course of our 30 years working in the music video industry, editing has changed as much, if not more, than any other part of the production process," says Vanderquest's Oliver Maingay. "With non-linear editing packages so simple to use and readily available, it's never been more important for an editor to stamp their mark with their own unique style, feel and techniques. We're proud to be supporting an award which rewards those individuals that dared to be different."

The award for Best Editing in a Video will be presented, with all the other MVAs, at the UK Music Video Awards 2011 on Tuesday, November 8th at The Empire, Leicester Square - tickets are on sale now. More information and to download a ticket order form go to the UKMVA website.

David Knight - 25th Oct 2011

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