David Knight - 12th Mar 2010

Congratulations to Shane Davey at Davey Inc who's just been announced as the winner of the 28 Day Feature Film Challenge for his debut feature The Horror Of The Dolls.

The film will be screened tomorrow at 12:00 noon at the ICA on the Southbank, so if you wish to attend, contact Shane at shane@daveyinc.com for guestlist.

"Dan Millar at Sony sent me a link to the Oddball Challenge and said I should have a go," explains Shane. "I looked at the site and it said that entrants would have to complete a feature film within 28 days. The organisers would give each team an individual title, theme and genre on the 1st February and then submit a completed feature film of no less than 70mins on the 28th February. I called in as much talent as I could muster, juggled their schedules and we got down to it..."

Read more about the challenge and check out the teaser trailer here

David Knight - 12th Mar 2010

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