Jimmy Brown - 2nd Mar 2010

And for the first time most of the band appear as three-dimensional characters within a riveting live action sequence - featuring a guest appearance by Bruce Willis, who for reasons unknown is extremely unhappy with the Gs.

Passion's task was to develop Jamie's 2D drawn designs into 3D figures whilst retaining their familiar look - and also integrate them seamlessly into the high-octane live action. They've done a marvellous job. But as the video is like a clip from a movie you've never seen, it leaves several questions unanswered.

Like, what happened to Russel

Production Company: Passion Pictures
Animation Producer: Debbie Crosscup
Editors at Passion Pictures: Fiona de Souza, Tim King
Additional CG animation: James Coore at Zulu
Production Company: HSI Productions
Exec Producer: Nicola Doring
Producer: Dawn Rose
DoP: Steve Chivers
1st AD: Paul Laurens
Production Designer: Dave Wilson
Stylist: Brandy St John

Editor: Seb Monk @ Zombie Flesh Eaters
HD Telecine: Adrian Seery at Rushes
Commissioner: Gorillaz/Zombie Flesheaters/EMI
Watch: here

Jimmy Brown - 2nd Mar 2010

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