David Knight - 21st Apr 2009

The funny thing about AlexandLiane is that in the UK they are known for their cool, stylish pop videos. But over in Berlin where they live, they keep making leftfield, highly conceptual, delightfully wacky stuff.

Their new one for Tiga definitely falls into the latter category - with possibly a soupçon of the girly attitude from their Ting Tings vids.

Deadpan humour, Seventies TV effects, groovy artworks, a naked green drummer, and the eternal battle between lust and disgust all bloom out of Tiga's decidedly offbeat disco. And it's cool and stylish. Superb.

AlexandLiane on making the video for Tiga's Shoes

"It's an odd song, but 'odd' is actually our favourite starting point for most things. We had a nice call with Tiga, which quickly confirmed a very similar sense of humour (always a short cut for us when it comes to aligning our taste with someone).

"TV broadcast was not a top priority, so we were able to go were able turn up the weirdometer and actually be absurdly obvious with the content.

"The dinky budget made it pretty exhausting but we managed to draw some really great people to work with on this.

"Our buddy Christian F (much more than just hair and make-up) hooked us up with Dutch artist Rein Vollenga who's sculptures and live collage are featured in the video and he managed to rope in a Top Model - Janine Henkes.

"We had a good team (favours exchanged for food, karaoke and firing a .38 magnum in a bunker in Berlin). The awesome Will Bex climbed into our brains and totally got what we wanted.

"We shot with two old cameras which had been sitting in a cellar somewhere for 15 years and worked with a live mixer which allowed for happy accidents. We like happy accidents : ) : )"

David Knight - 21st Apr 2009

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