David Knight - 4th Feb 2008

It is, of course, the most enigmatic ending to a music video ever - and Jamie Thraves's punishment for creating an acknowledged classic was being asked "so what did he say then" a few million times down the years.

Which is perhaps why Jamie gave his wholehearted thumbs-up when Jim Canty told him of his plan to spoof the video for Mark Ronson's version of Just.

Jim, clearly mindful that he was about to tamper with a classic, thoughtfully got in touch with him beforehand. Jamie not only gave his blessing, he suggested that Canty and co. get in touch with members of the original cast.

Jim's deft execution of a music video in-joke - right down to the look of the subtitles - made it suitable material for BUG 05 last week. But this also works as a pretty straightforward vehicle for the impossibly cool and good-looking bloke who doesn't write his own songs.

Because apparently there is someone out there who still hasn't seen the original for Radiohead.

David Knight - 4th Feb 2008

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