Jones 'Melt' by Davis Silis

In his second video for Jones, Davis Silis captures the singer's mesmerizing performance of Melt by employing a distinctive split-image technique allied with a constantly rotating …

David Knight - 4th Aug 2016


Nao 'Fool To Love' by Ollie Wolf

Sometimes, the greatest battle happens within oneself - an idea that Ollie Wolf has reached in and externalised in his new video for Nao.

Luke Bather - 25th May 2016


Frances 'Don't Worry About Me' by Zak Razvi

Previously a producer and EP, Zak Razvi is now working as a director – a career move that is surprisingly rare. But on the basis of this video for British singer Frances, it's …

David Knight - 5th May 2016


Paolo Nutini 'Scream (Funk My Life Up)' by Nez

It's shot in and around Hollywood, but Nez's video for Paolo Nutini's Scream (Funk My Life Up) is not about the glamour. It's about shining a light on its shabby underbelly. …

David Knight - 19th Mar 2014

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