Vant 'Karma Seeker' by Gemma Yin Taylor

Make sure you full-screen this one! Animator and director Gemma Yin Taylor has created some awesome, raw visuals in this high-powered video for Vant's Karma Seeker. 

Cat Velez - 22nd June 2016


Ho99o9 'Blood Waves' by Radical Friend

Radical Friend revs up the heart-rate with this unhinged ultraviolet-lit clip for US punk/hiphop outfit Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror)'s track Blood Waves. It sees bandmates theOGM …

Cat Velez - 18th Mar 2016


Crows 'Whisper' by Hugh Rochfort

London band Crows have released this visceral clip, telling a story of a young South London couple and the breakdown of a short-lived relationship, directed by Hugh Rochfort.

Cat Velez - 10th Mar 2016

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The Promonews Roundup


Louis Berry '.45' by Finn Keenan

Liverpool singer Louis Berry has released this video for his track .45, a high energy promo directed by Finn Keenan which integrates found footage and sped-up street photography …

Cat Velez - 18th Feb 2016


Max Raptor 'Damage Appreciation' by VERB

Director VERB has made this somber promo for four-piece punk band Max Raptor for their new single Damage Appreciation. It sees frontman Wil Ray taking his role as a confrontational …

Cat Velez - 13th Nov 2015


Slaves 'Sockets' by Ciaran Lyons

Shot in a tiny, claustrophobia-inducing flat and paired with some killer art direction, this video for Slaves' track Sockets is a wonderfully greasy and …

Cat Velez - 31st July 2015


Liars 'I'm No Gold' by Laurie Lynch

LA punk-electronica merchants Liars join forces with Caviar director Laurie Lynch for this super image-mangling promo to new single I'm No Gold.

Jimmy Brown - 8th Oct 2014

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