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Divorce 'Sex & The Millennium Bridge' by CLUMP Collective

David Knight - 26th Jan 2024

The very promising Nottingham-based band Divorce have reunited with Bristol-based CLUMP Collective for the fifth time (following the videos for Services, Checking Out, Scratch Your Metal and Eat My Words) to create a magnificent homage to a bygone era of rock - and the classic Eighties rock video. 

In fact the video for Sex & The Millennium Bridge (taken from the band's EP Heady Metal) is so good, you might think they really are a posturing, preening glam metal outfit from the '80s. Although the music itself has rather different influences - particularly country rock.

"For this video we took influence from the music videos of a bygone era such as Heart, Motley Crue, and Billy Idol," explain CLUMP - four Bristol-based creatives: Steph Dutton, Ivy Upjohn, Marie Dutton and Benjamin Spike Saunders.  

"We pushed Divorce’s soft country aesthetic into the chaos and extravagance that is 1980s glam rock. We wanted the video to be three minutes of flamboyance, theatricality and excess, hence why we ordered a 7ft giant glittery boot. The band all smashed their performances on the day of the shoot, the incredible makeup, hair and costume they were dressed in definitely helped them get into the zone."

Indeed there is a huge amount to admire in how CLUMP have gone about recreating this ode to rock excess. Most importantly the band are clearly having a ball. 

"We were so excited when they joined forces as a band, each one of them individually are such incredible musicians, together they are a force to be reckoned with," say CLUMP. And now they are in pre-production on their next collaboration with the band.

David Knight - 26th Jan 2024

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Clump Collective
Clump Collective
Production Company
Clump Collective
Alex Wilson, BTS


Director of Photography
Cam Smith
Focus Puller
Andy Hill


Big T
Assistant Gaffer
Scott Kimber


Art Director
Steph Dutton


Ivy Upjohn
Rianna Irvine
Emma Tierney
Sian Anne Leadbeater
Assistant Stylist
Seren Carys Pritchard-Bland


Movement Director
Daisy Kennedy


Hannah Squires

David Knight - 26th Jan 2024

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