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'Thoughts & Prayers' by Daniel Liakh

Promonews - 22nd Mar 2022

Ukraine is constantly on our minds at the moment and everyone is praying that the Russian invasion and the suffering it has caused will end as soon as possible. But a new film for the charitable foundation and leading Ukraine NGO Come Back Alive, dares to take a punchily satirical approach to encourage people to do more.

Directed by UK-based Ukranian director Daniel Liakh, the one-minute film features comedian Ahir Shah as the telephone rep of the International Office of Thoughts and Prayers, who tellss a caller that, in fact, they have reached 'full capacity' on thoughts and prayers. In fact, a donation is more appropriate in the circumstances.

Comedy may be the most surprising approach to encourage people to support humanitarian aid to an unfolding tragedy, but Liakh (director of the recent comedic Bigfoot-themed video for Tock) hits the mark with this playful and provocative film. 

Since it came into being in 2014, Come Back Alive has become the largest foundation providing life saving and defense equipment - but not weapons - to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and frontline volunteers. It's the biggest NGO working on the ground in Ukraine whose main mission is to make sure defenders of their homeland come back alive to their loved ones.

Liakh's film was commissioned by Oleksii Novikov, head of creative at Come Back Alive, co-written by Ukrainian Daniel Liakh & Jolyon White, directed by Daniel Liakh, and produced by 10 Days London. Every member of the project gave their time and resources voluntarily.

Oleksii Novikov of Come Back Alive says:  “Ukraine is really thankful to the whole world for their prayers. A lot of us believe in God, so it means a lot. During these dark days, Ukrainians are praying from bomb shelters, tanks, trenches and hospitals, from free Kyiv and occupied Kherson. We have a good saying, roughly translated as ‘count on God, but count on yourself too’ which means that the chances of having your prayers answered grow exponentially when you’re trying to work miracles yourself. For example ending the war.”

Liakh adds: “It’s great to hear how much everyone is thinking about Ukraine and Ukrainians. However if even every tenth thought and prayer is turned into real help, soon there won’t be need for them. Слава Україні”

• More information on Come Back Alive here, and donate here. 

Promonews - 22nd Mar 2022


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Daniel Liakh
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Promonews - 22nd Mar 2022

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