David Knight - 3rd Aug 2021

Philippa Price and Pilar Zeta collaborate to direct the new Camila Cabello video - a riot of colour and dance from start to finish.

Camila drives to the country estate, for a fantasy family gathering - featuring a large cast of characters as colourful as the art direction and design. Almodivar's Women On A Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown meets Drag Race. And this stupendous cast also happens to include members of the Cabello clan...

Don't Go Yet is a distinctive and joyful expression of love of Latin culture and dance. And it feels more of a labour of love than the usual super-slick Camila Cabello vehicle. Price and Pizar bring something of an indie edge and zest to this show.  

PRO Credits


DirectorPhilippa Price
DirectorPilar Zeta
ProducerColeen Haynes
ProducerMatt Harrison
Production CompanyMAAVVEN
Production CompanyOctopus Inc
Executive ProducerColeen Haynes
Director of PhotographyDavid Devlin
Art DirectorPhilippa Price
Art DirectorPilar Zeta
Art DirectorBrittany Porter
Stylist (Artist)Chloe & Chanelle
Stylist (cast)Lisa Katnic
HairDimitrios Giannetos
Make-up (Artist)Carolina Gonzalez
Make-up (Cast)Jeffrey Baum
EditorSpencer Susser
ColouristBeau Leon
Grading companyFrameworks
Post production companySkulley Effects
Other creditsValentina Designer : Seth Pratt Familia Hair : Evanie Frausto Cast : Tia 1- Valentina , Tia 2- Isabella Grosso , Tio 1- Robert Rexx , Tio 2- Gustavo Vargas , Grumpy Sister -Jhonnie Taylor , Gansgster Cousin - Darious Boatner , Abuelita - Stephanie Blake , Abuelo - Skip Cunningham , Mom- Cat Hamn, Dad - Jordi Cabellero , Dancing Cousins - Jalen Preston , Julien Chinchilla, Kat Diaz, Gabriela Barra , Yanelis F Beras , Special Appearance By Camila’s Family Members Sound Mix : Bastien Benkhelil

David Knight - 3rd Aug 2021

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