Rob Ulitski - 2nd Aug 2021

ENNY eloquently stands up for women who have been silenced, in KC Locke's powerful black and white visual for Kiesha's & Brenda's.

Written in 2018, the track and visual allude to the everyday sexual abuse and trauma that women face, and the hesitancy many girls feel when talking out about the crimes. 

Featuring a growing cast of young women - and then young men - the video shows ENNY ripping masking tape from her mouth, and encouraging others to do the same, to ensure their stories are told and voices are heard.

KC Locke's focussed visual approach ensures the message is delivered with maximum impact - and it showcases ENNY as an important new artist.


The approach was to create something that felt cinematic and bold.

"This visual to me was a very special one and after meeting Enny and understanding how real she is I had to help bring it to life!

"It was a great experience collaborating and understanding the story behind this song and the saddening truth in Enny’s words.

"The approach was to create something that felt cinematic and bold. An empowering visual that shows there is strength in numbers, but sometimes you have to be the change, the person to take the first step. To be the light for others, be that voice for people!"

PRO Credits


DirectorKC Locke
ProducerLewis Nicholson
Production CompanySwords & Eagles
Executive ProducerMarisa Garner
Production ManagerElla Taylor-Palfrey
1st ADTomos Pierce
Director of PhotographyLorenzo Levrini
Focus PullerHermes Contreras
2nd ACDanny Usman
SteadicamJay Gomez
Art DirectorJenny O'Sullivan
Make-upLinguere Mendez
EditorJamil Shaukat
Editing companySwords & Eagles
ColouristAlex Gregory
Grading companyThe Mill
Post ProducerCharlie Morris
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner Associates
Other creditsSound Recordist: Artur Strakhov Casting Director: Jenny O'Sullivan HMUA: Hannah Sorcha 2nd AD : Moton Soya

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Aug 2021

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