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Morly 'Dance To You' by Lawrence Pumfrey

Promonews - 6th July 2021

Lawrence Pumfrey creates an intriguing and witty dance piece for Minneapolis-born, London-based singer/songwriter Morly.

Choreographed by Katya Bourvis - and inspired by Pina Bausch - Pumfrey places Morly among an unlikely troupe of dancers in an English village hall, and makes her the focal point for an eccentric display of character and movement.

Captured in three takes, with the camera panning and zooming from one position in the centre of the room, Pumphrey makes the most of the self-imposed limitations, giving full rein to his cast of dancing drama queens. The statuesque Morly seems a little nonplussed to be in the midst of this group, but determined to play along...


We were inspired by Morly's initial experience of the music industry - the pressure to conform...

"The initial impetus for the video for Dance To You came from choreographer Katya Bourvis - who had wanted to do something in Longfield Hall - a beautiful Victorian music hall in Camberwell - for ages! Choreographically, she was particularly inspired by Pina Bausch's Kontatkhof - and we tried to channel some of that offbeat humour and surreal movement into the video.

"We were also inspired by Morly's initial experience of the music industry; namely the pressure to conform and commodify yourself, and above all, to be mouldable - motifs which made their way, however loosely, into the narrative structure of the piece.

"I'm particularly pleased with the film’s camera conceit; from start to finish camera is mounted on a tripod in the centre of location - and simply pans and zooms, to follow Morly and the dancers. Composed of only three takes, the video has an immersive and naturalistic aesthetic, which felt both appropriate to Morly's beautiful songwriting - and appealingly unusual in the often cut-heavy world of music promos!

"It was an extraordinarily tight shoot day (we had to be out by 5pm to make way for a ballet class in location!), but DP Ruaraid Achilleos and 1st AC Raf Rakoczy did an amazing job working with natural light and minimal budget - and somehow, we got the three takes we needed!"

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Promonews - 6th July 2021


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Lawrence Pumfrey
Peter Jarrett


Director of Photography
Ruaraid Achilleos
Focus Puller
Raf Rakoczy


Jane Bourvis
Rosie Sykes
Noble Daughters
Olivia Cochrane


Katya Bourvis


Sophie Park


Caroline Morin
Colour grade company

Promonews - 6th July 2021

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