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Brother Leo 'People' by Chris Kirtley

David Knight - 14th June 2021

Jesus is back - and finding it much harder to make an impression this time around - in Chris Kirtley's video for Brother Leo's comeback single People.

In this entertaining satire on the cult of modern celebrity, the Swedish popster - aka Ola Svensson - plays a Christ who's fame is on the wane. He now makes info-mercials, and slouching around his suburban villa with a motley crew of disciples, struggling with his miracle-working powers, and being shunned by his dad.

Finally this disillusioned Jesus starts to get his mojo back - and ability to walk on water - when an enthusiastic female disciple enters his life. A girl called Judas...


The story takes influence from child Hollywood stars from the 80s, like Macaulay Culkin and Corey Feldman

“After reading the brief I loved the theme of mankind as a 'parasite'. It’s such an unnerving notion, however it is clear to see in modern society.

"The idea for the video was to plunge Jesus into the 21st century - although he’s not his normal Messiah self. He’s been corrupted by society and is a fading light in a celebrity obsessed world.

“The thought of Jesus bursting onto the scene as a young fresh saviour and becoming a modern celebrity was hilarious. His party tricks like turning water into wine and walking on water thrust him towards the pinnacle of fame.

"Jesus and his entourage of 12 Disciples probably signed a record deal and toured the world. However, society grew tired of his constant preaching, his party tricks became tedious and fans inevitably found a new obsession.

"The story takes influence from child Hollywood stars from the 80s like Macaulay Culkin and Corey Feldman, and was inspired by social media stars who seem to be on this constant conveyor belt of fame.”

David Knight - 14th June 2021


  • Comedy
  • Narrative
  • Pop
  • Indie
  • Celebrity
  • Jesus

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Chris Kirtley
Conor Duffy
Production Company
Executive Producer
Angelica Riccardi
1st AD
Charlotte Miller


Director of Photography
Jordan Clarke
Focus Puller
Aidan Bryan
2nd AC
Mike Simpson


Tony Hamilton


Art Director
Amada Piedra


Misty Ingham
Hair & Make-up
Anna Thompson


Director's Representation
James Robinson


Anna Thompson

Other credits

Production Assistant – Tom Davies

Lighting Assistant – Richard O’Hare

Camera Trainee – Shaq Taylor

COVID Supervisor – Charlotte Miller

2nd AD – Andry Pereira

Runner – Charlie Barnett

Spark – Tommy Gardner

Health & Safety Officer – Michael Parsons

Medic – Cam Walker


Olivia Brady (Judas); Gianluca Carlo De Martis (Blind Man); Manuel Santos, Neuza Sa, Caroline Ortoli, Joe Sear-Myles, Tom Davies (Disciples);

Steven Broad (Joseph); Amada Piedra (Mary)

David Knight - 14th June 2021

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