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A Certain Ratio 'Keep It Together' by Luke Logan

Promonews - 9th Apr 2021

Luke Logan's video for legendary Manchester band A Certain Ratio's new single Keep It Together features a girl and a car and a transcendental experience - set at the time when the original incarnation of the band got started.

It starts in a swooping shot outside the impressively neon-drenched Stockport Plaza at the end of a great evening, where a young woman (Zada Turkaly), a little under the influence, is irresistably drawn towards the big American 70s car that draws up outside the venue, without a driver.

Cue her spectacular journey into a dimension of light and colour - created by LED lights shot in a studio - which results in the girl's vibrant resurgence, in an explosion of dance. 

The track comes from ACR:EPA, the band's forthcoming four-track EP which centres around a jam session recorded last year with Denise Johnson, the legendary Manchester singer who had joined ACR, before she passed away in August. The video is a tribute to the greatness of an English soul singer who made an indelible impact on the Manchester music scene.

ACR have commented on the Luke Logan-directed video: “We wanted it to be set in the ‘70s so we invited ACR fans to dress up and become part of the video, among the extras that turned up were Calder Valley’s finest The Lounge Society and Lee from Manchester’s Heavy Salad. They arrived as funkateers, punks, soul boys and girls, hippies, post punks and prog rockers – and everyone looked amazing. The video is about overdoing it on a night out and trying to keep it together.”



We really do have Denise's enduring legacy to thank for inspiring so many people to lend their expertise.

"A strong desire to shoot a fitting tribute to Manchester's late music pioneer Denise Johnson has really driven the incredible support we have had on this project.

"I wanted the film to feel like a joyful and ethereal experience and bring some of the late 70's Manchester scene back to life, particularly at a venue (Stockport Plaza) which has seen so much of the City's up and coming musicians throughout the decades.

I wanted to bring the late 70's Manchester scene back to life... at the Stockport Plaza, a venue that's seen so many up-and-coming musicians through the decades.

"Made mostly on pleases and thank yous, we really do have Denise's enduring legacy to thank for inspiring so many people to lend their expertise and helping to create a film that hopefully takes people back to a time before I was born, but that is spoken of with such passion in Manchester music circles.

"I'd like to thank all of the ACR fan extras who turned up dressed to the nines on what wasn't the warmest of March evenings, but played their part to a tee!
The opening and closing sequences were both one-take wonders, so the cut was certainly a nervy one.

"It's fair to say seeing the transitions work so well at both ends, and sync with the track (thanks to Rob Beck on Steadicam, he times those moves like a metronome!) as planned, was a moment of particular relief."

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Promonews - 9th Apr 2021


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Luke Logan-Malik
Joe Vickers
1st AD
Leon Henriques


Director of Photography
Focus Puller
Sam James
2nd AC
Dan Mccaffrey
Robert Beck


Chris Bird


Art Director
Alex Gattward


Meme Gold


Lead actor
Zada Turkaly


Luke Logan-Malik


Neill Jones


Post production company
The Rabble


Director's Representation

Other credits

Styling Assistant

Michelle Walton

AV Technician

Jason Baddiozzaman

PA & Stills

Rob Connor


Marley Brown

Covid Marshall

Terry Barber

Sound Design

Craig Shanda


Ash Ali, Chris @ Drop City, Mushy And Nathan @ Midnight Press, Neil T. And His Amazing Helpers, Dee @ Mint Casting, Faye Eliza @urbanspam, Zoraya @ Kimonooh, Rey Del Cerdo, The Lounge Society, Neuron AV, And All The Extras That Waited For Us In The Cold On A Miserable Mancunian Evening.

Promonews - 9th Apr 2021

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