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Renee Stahl 'Every Tear Is A Prayer' by Danielle Rubi

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Mar 2021

Danielle Rubi directs a heartbreaking and personal expression of grief for Renee Stahl's Every Tear Is A Prayer. 

The track was written in the midst of a painful yet poignant event in Stahl's life, as her father was living out his last days in her care.

The concept of the video encapsulates the heart-wrenching, intense emotion and celebration of life and love that comes from such an intimate and challenging situation, interpreted through dance and movement. 

With the help of dancer/choreographer Nanci Anderson, Rubi has crafted a touching, ethereal homage to Stahl's father, shot in an intimate and organic way. The layered visuals and slow motion effects help mirror the wave of emotions present in the track, and are elevated by the naturalistic cinematography. 

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Mar 2021


  • New Director
  • Pop
  • Experimental
  • Dance
  • Choreography
  • Grief

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Danielle Rubi
Renee Stahl
Executive Producer
Renee Stahl


Director of Photography
Keren Nedivi
Director of Photography
Danielle Rubi


Heather Seybolt


Nanci Anderson

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Mar 2021

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