Promonews - 23rd Feb 2021

In Bryan M. Ferguson's intense video for Arab Strap, a worse-for-wear clubber falls under the thrall of a mysterious figure who will lead him to do so some very bad things. He's Comus - a figure from Greek mythology and Miltonic poetry representing temptation and debauchery - causing chaos and horror on the neon-drenched streets of Glasgow.

It is a powerful visualisation by Ferguson of the lyrics by Arab Strap's lugubrious frontman Aidan Moffat.

"When I first heard Aidan’s lyrics on the track, my mind was quickly flung into a murky pit of complete debauchery and I really wanted the video to be a story of excess to match not just the lyrics, but the whole mythology of Comus being the rebellious god of festivity who pretty much represents anarchy and chaos.

"I felt the video needed to explore these themes of overindulgence much like the protagonist. I wanted to make the viewer feel dirty and maybe even disgusted at their own enjoyment of the imagery."   



LabelRock Action
ProducerBryan M. Ferguson
Director of PhotographyGeorge Harwood
DirectorBryan M. Ferguson

Promonews - 23rd Feb 2021

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