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Teddi Gold 'Thought Bubbles' by Zohar Dvir

Rob Ulitski - 16th Feb 2021

Zohar Dvir directs a captivating animated promo for Teddi Gold's Thought Bubbles. 

Conceptualised in a bold, vibrant and lo-fi style, the video is a perfect match to the bubblegum pop soundscapes, and has a unique charm that permeates every frame. 

Balancing on the edge of surrealism and kid's TV animation, the colour palette of pinks, blues and yellows creates an otherworldly yet universally appealing aesthetic.


The attempt to merge Teddi's world with my own was an exciting challenge.

“When Teddi Gold and I discussed her idea behind Thought Bubbles, she spoke of the feeling of being unable to reach a loved person. My concept behind the music video revolved around a character that is present in her absence, and characters based on Teddi and her cat Babou that can't reach her.

"I used the theme of bubbles and bursting bubbles to represent the process of waking up from fantasy to reality. The boundary between the two blurs as the bubbles start carrying away everything that was left behind.

"The whole aesthetic is intended to be fun and colourful in accordance to Teddi's music. The attempt to merge her world with my own was an exciting challenge that resulted in a piece that manages to represent us both.”


“I’m obsessed with Zohar’s work - I loved her sense of surrealism mixed with humour while simultaneously tackling larger questions about human existence. I strive to do this in my own work, and so in a strange way I felt like we were kindred spirits who are trying to accomplish similar things, but through different mediums.

"Thought Bubbles is a song about wanting deeper connection and I feel that Zohar really captured the essence of what the song is about. I am excited it’s now in the world, and I am thankful I found Zohar because we will definitely be collaborating on more projects down the line!"

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Rob Ulitski - 16th Feb 2021


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Rob Ulitski - 16th Feb 2021

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