Rob Ulitski - 14th Jan 2021

Taken from last year’s critically-acclaimed album 10 Songs, Travis reveal the latest video directed by band frontman Fran Healy - featuring Fran's cat Huey.

Shot in Los Angeles, Liverpool, Glasgow and Lancaster, the video for Nina's Song sees Huey take centre stage - singing Fran's lead vocals - with supporting performances from the band in different parts of the UK, dreaming of the moment they can meet up again.... with Huey.

It's the latest of four videos directed by Healy for the album, who also created the album artwork - and in its stripped back fashion demonstrates why Travis are a great music video band. The moment Huey starts singing is a thing of joy - which comes courtesy of deepfake tech from Hao Li, one of the experts in this controversial field.  


It's actually the first time a deepfake has been made between a human and an animal. 

“Huey, our British Blue, is the breakout star of the video. It took a long time. He was very patient though and grateful for all the treats.

"To make him sing I worked with Hao Li and his company Pinscreen. Hao is one of the most renowned deepfake artists in the world. It's actually the first time a deepfake has been made between a human and an animal. The engineers had to push their technology to new places to achieve this. Very smart folk and a lot of fun to work with.”


DirectorFran Healy
ProducerGezellig Studio
Production CompanyGezellig Studio
EditorSarah Iben
Other creditsCat - Huey Assistant Editor - Brandon Iben Camera Los Angeles - Clay Kryst Camera Glasgow - Sam Scott Camera Lancaster - Mike Banks Camera Liverpool - Andy Dunlop Special Thanks To Jesse Schwartz And Geoff Banks

Rob Ulitski - 14th Jan 2021

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