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Victoria Wijeratne 'Death Nature' by Max R Lincoln

Promonews - 22nd Dec 2020

Max R Lincoln's video for Victoria Wijeratne's instrumental track Death Nature explores the struggle for power after a breakup through dance.

Two women joust for the upper hand in a relationship gone sour, in a tense but highly expressive interaction of syncronised movement. Initially they are outside, but increasingly their duel takes place in a space constructed of red curtain - like the inside of a body - which creates a visual quality easily as intense as their broken relationship.


It descends from a heightened reality into darker internal spaces.

"I wanted to explore how feelings can blend and morph after a breakup as the dominance in a relationship shifts backwards and forwards. As the video progresses, it descends from a heightened reality into darker internal spaces and ending at the centre of her heart. It's only there that she's able to fully shift the dominance back her way and take control.

"The video was shot in one day and built in the back of my then shared warehouse. Both tented structures had their frames built over each other and we had to quickly shift all the fabric across after we'd completed the tunnel set up.

"The initial art director had to pull out two days before the shoot and so I ended up doing all the art rigging myself! Thankfully I love being up ladders and so got stuck in and built the insane looking spider web that would be our tented structure. I was then joined by a new fantastic art director Terry to take over the fabric dressing."

Promonews - 22nd Dec 2020


  • Choreography
  • Director's notes
  • New Director

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Max R Lincoln
Rami Pantoja
Production Company
Significant Other
Production Manager
Liza Van Der Smissen
1st AD
Liza Van Der Smissen


Director of Photography
Frank Madone


Art Director
Terry Palamara


Danielle Westwood
Hair & Make-up
Imani Naghten


Edward Crompton


Jason R Moffat

Promonews - 22nd Dec 2020

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