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Louis III 'SWEAT!' by Yuan Hu

Rob Ulitski - 14th Dec 2020

Louis III explores the absurdity of being anxious in Yuan Hu's hypnotic promo for SWEAT! 

Depicting the artist as a frantic clown, searching and yearning for meaning, the concept utilises match cuts and parallel narratives to represent the two sides of his character- one in everyday reality, and one with the crushing sense of anxiety looming overhead. 

It's a beautifully shot video, with poignant yet optimistic undertones, as the artist embraces the good with the bad. The wide angle performance setups and spontaneous camera movement match this zig-zagging of emotion to great effect, whilst the styling and makeup elevate the heightened sense of drama throughout. 

"I wrote SWEAT! about anxiety; my relationship with it, the humour in it and my desire to turn it into something I could dance to rather than run from," says Louis III. "I’ve had these panic/sweat attacks since I was 18 - while I’m dripping in sweat it’s usually funny or curious to the people sat opposite me but not so much for me.

"For the video, I came to Yuan Hu with this idea of a clown who would represent my anxiety. We’re meant to laugh at clowns but there’s a weird fine line between the humour and menace they represent. With SWEAT! it feels like I’m finally reclaiming how ridiculous anxiety can be."

Rob Ulitski - 14th Dec 2020

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Rob Ulitski - 14th Dec 2020

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