Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2020

Cara Kealy keeps the spirit of the lockdown video alive, in her lo-fi visual for Dutch singer songwriter BÉE, (pronounced Bae).

Paying homage to the self-shot footage that dominated lockdown 1.0 back in March, Kealy experiments with graphic layouts and stripped-back vignettes from friends and family, adding a sense of authenticity to the concept. 

"BÉE and I went back and forth with ideas before concluding that the key message of the video, had to be that you need to love yourself before loving anyone else and that 'Mr Right' will come when you're busy doing your own thing," says Kealy. "We had to shoot the video via our phones but Covid restrictions gave us the opportunity to think outside the box. We shot it remotely and It was fun working with real life couples who were isolating together."

BÉE adds: "I knew I wanted to bring in extras who could film remotely in their own homes and represent people who are in my life! I am always happy when my friends are in love and tell me all about their cute stories. I also love the idea of meeting my 'Mr Right' when I'm not looking for him - when I'm happy doing my own thing!

"I wanted this music video to show that focusing on yourself and giving yourself love should always come first and the rest will follow!"


DirectorCara Kealy
ProducerCara Kealy

Rob Ulitski - 30th Nov 2020

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