Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2020

Romanian industrial-rock musician Taurian is forced to confront his most painful demons, in Sebastian Ziabka's thrilling promo for Guilt. 

The concept presents a whirlwind of frenetic setups, intercutting between a nightmarish vision of the artist covered in SFX cuts and wounds, and showing him deep in catharsis inside his motel room, working out his anger and grief.

The striking colour schemes of vibrant orange and cold blue helps separate the fantasy from reality - though the lines are very much blurred throughout - and DoP Brendan Harvey matches the antagonistic vibe of the track with hyperactive camera movements and experimental perspectives. 

PRO Credits


DirectorSebastian Ziabka
ProducerSebastian Ziabka
Focus PullerJames Harrison
2nd ACMichael Mroczek
Make-upLucy Vick
EditorBerta Lozano
ColouristSebastian Ziabka

Rob Ulitski - 25th Nov 2020

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