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Leather Party 'They Can't Ride My Ghost' by Olivier Richomme

Promonews - 17th Nov 2020

It's fun and frolics with an exotic creature, living an independent life in woods near Stockport.

Olivier Richomme's video for the dark electronica of Manchester-based Leather Party features the unorthodox Bella, an apparently harmless eccentric - until she removes a large revolver from her handbag... 

Shot on location in Stockport, Richomme says, "The idea came about after I spotted the Lancashire Hill towerson a bike ride during lockdown. Due to the circumstances I started wondering what life could be like if things took a turn for the worse and the world as we know it came to an end."

Promonews - 17th Nov 2020

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Olivier Richomme
Olivier Richomme
1st AD
Joe Wells


Director of Photography
Sarah Jenny Johnson

Promonews - 17th Nov 2020

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