Rob Ulitski - 2nd Nov 2020

Freddie Long is stuck in limbo, in Jake Hargreaves' absorbing promo for The Nowhere Times. 

Fusing the digital - TVs, CCTV cameras etc - with natural elements like fire, Hargreaves creates a world that is nondescript and faceless, running parallel to the themes of the track. 

Long's performance gives the concept an emotional energy, feeling both desperate and optimistic at once, without providing a solid resolution. Toeing the line between reality and abstract, it's a nicely executed and good looking piece of work. 


I wanted to create what we dubbed ’the nowhere space’.

"Was just me and the artist for this one, shooting on a dilapidated tennis court in the middle of a cold October night.

"Running off the title of the track, I wanted to create what we dubbed ’the nowhere space’. A limbo which lIes within the artists mind. With various set pieces that explore themes of self reflection, the TVs and mirrors, and use of natural elements like fire and water to create a feeling of chaos and unease.

"Big thanks to Freddie for braving the wet and cold, and also my mate for holding up the hose so we had rain!"


DirectorJake Hargreaves
ProducerJake Hargreaves
Director of PhotographyJake Hargreaves
EditorJake Hargreaves
CommissionerBanana Split Records
LabelBanana Split Records

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Nov 2020

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