Rob Ulitski - 4th Aug 2020

City lights blur into an introspective stream of memories and experiences, in Paco Raterta's video for No Rome's 1.45am. 

Using his trusty iPhone and a Black Magic camera, Raterta created the video from footage shot from the back seat of a car, driving through his home city of Manila. As he explains below, he has been doing this for a long time. Lockdown gave him the opportunity to revisit the footage and create more, from a vehicle and also from his apartment. No Rome gave him the opportunity to use this footage, and augment with more footage during lockdown.

Speeding along inner-city highways during the early hours of the morning, Raterta and DoP Ja Tadena capture the beauty of the cityscape in a frenetic yet mesmerising film.


I’ve been shooting out the windows of moving vehicles for years. I just love the movement and the motion blur. 

"I had a blast making this. Most of it are shots from my phone, as for years I’ve been shooting out the windows of moving vehicles for absolutely no reason. I just love the movement and the motion blur.

"So I asked my cinematographer friend JA to shoot some more of the professional stuff, so there's variety (by professional I mean shooting at the backseat of a car with a Blackmagic and a gimbal). For the wide shots I basically shoot in my balcony and then zoomed in every time a motorbike passes.

"I’m really into the quarantine style of shooting, it reminds me of being in my dad's office as a kid, and trying to draw using whatever tool is available. You always get an interesting outcome. In my case it’s just people with neon green highlighter skin and whiteboard marker hair. So glad to get a song that matches the same energy and is made by a fellow Filipino too."

PRO Credits


DirectorPaco Raterta
ProducerRik Green
Production CompanyPulse Films
Executive ProducerRik Green
Director of PhotographyJA Tadena
EditorPaco Raterta
CommissionerEd Blow
LabelDirty Hit
Other creditsCamera Operators - Paco Raterta & DJ Belga Moon: Kim Cam Jones Scanners: DJ Belga, Glenny Donnes, Gon Borela

Rob Ulitski - 4th Aug 2020

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