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Flyte 'Losing You' by Mark Jenkin

Rob Ulitski - 30th July 2020

BAFTA-winning Mark Jenkin collaborates for the second time with Flyte, with the beautifully-crafted  video for Losing You. 

Interweaving striking Bolex footage - which looks like it has been sourced directly from a movie from the 1940s or '50s - and degraded VHS performance shots, the concept is a multilayered narrative which unwraps across the course of the video. 

In the main narrative, a man is following a past love across fields and forests, trying to catch up but eventually realising they aren't in the same time or space. The enigmatic themes play out through clever editing and composition, matching eyelines and locations to blur the lines between what's real and what is not. And Jenkin's cinematography is stunning. 

The performance section by the band was shot socially-distanced over lockdown, distorted and manipulated to represent a home movie. Standing at different points on a staircase, the shots also interact with the main narrative, in a sequence of glances and snapshots of emotion, effortlessly coming together to form a complex whole.


I liked the idea of an old film having been partially recorded over with home movie footage... 

"The idea for the aesthetic came from spooling through old VHS tapes in my studio and seeing the various layers of recordings reveal themselves. I liked the idea of an old black and white film having been partially recorded over with some home movie footage and the two then seeming to have a bit of a conversation with each other, despite being separated by time and place.

"Those strange accidental counterpoints only seem to exist in the analogue world. Digital footage of the band (shot by Tee Byford) was then repeatedly looped to VHS, with the colour bleeding and drifting with each new generation. The film element was shot on a Bolex, with the negative processed by hand, scanned, and copied to video tape."

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Rob Ulitski - 30th July 2020


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  • Indie Rock
  • bolex
  • black and white
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Mark Jenkin
Joel Spencer
Production Company
Executive Producer
Jack Newman


Director of Photography
Mark Jenkin
Director of Photography
Tee Byford
Focus Puller
Alex Layton


Mark Jenkin


Director's Representation


Film Laboratory

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Mae Voogd, Callum Mitchell

Rob Ulitski - 30th July 2020

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