Rob Ulitski - 16th June 2020

London-based creative studio Optical Arts explore texture, movement and arrangement in Patterns, with music by Sonjay Prabhakar. 

Presenting a series of in-camera experiments with different elements - including salt, water and glass - the visual is a mesmerizing composite of these shorter items, with patterns unfolding to match the beat of the enigmatic track. 


Moments of calm are broken using techniques from high explosives to simple ripples in water.

"Patterns is a film exploring order in space - how complex arrangements can reveal simplified forms in space and time. Four basic forms are examined - a square, circle, triangle and rectangle - using different techniques captured in camera to create or distort the shapes over time.

"The texture of the materials and edit was built to amplify the track, creating synchronicity between sound and image, reminiscent of musical animations. The films explore the beauty within chaos. Moments of calm are violently broken using various techniques from high explosives to simple ripples in water.

"The films also consider the principle of reification, where transitional moments allow a fleeting clarity of shape before departing back into disorder."

PRO Credits


1st ADElliott Lowe
Director of PhotographyJoesph Jackson
Art DirectorJoesph Jackson
EditorMatt Cronin
ColouristMartin Pryor
VFXMiguel Wratten
Other creditsSet Assistance - Jamie-Lee Harding

Rob Ulitski - 16th June 2020

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