Rob Ulitski - 11th June 2020

Matteo Bangrazi, Harriet Waghorn and Carmine De Amicis collaborate as directors for the video for Vincenzo Di Bella, aka Nzobella. 

The cinematic visual, shot in black and white, explores an unfolding narrative through choreography and interaction with the environment, featuring performances by Waghorn and De Amicis, with cinematography by Bangrazi.

The push-and-pull nature of relationships is visualised through intense and distorted movements, whilst emotions are cleverly represented through the striking cinematography. 

DoP Matteo Bangrazi cleverly frames each of the vignettes within the confines of the space. In indoor scenes, the spatial balance is skewed with mirrors and off-kilter straight lines, whilst in the outdoor scenes, the shots are much wider and free. These techniques echo the themes of the concept, not wanting to hurt anyone by leaving, but being unable to resist the desire to change and explore something new. 


DirectorMatteo Bangrazi
DirectorHarriet Waghorn
DirectorCarmine De Amicis
ProducerVincenzo Di Bella
Director of PhotographyMatteo Bangrazi
ChoreographyEdifice Dance Theatre
ColouristMatteo Bangrazi
Lead actorHarriet Waghorn
Lead actorCarmine De Amicis

Rob Ulitski - 11th June 2020

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