Rob Ulitski - 11th June 2020

Juan S. Jimenez directs a majestic journey through the essence of Latin American culture, in his video for Gotopo's Malembe. 

From pre-Hispanic goddesses and Afro-indigenous rituals, to a contemporary urban landscape, the energetic visual features several performance vignettes, bursting with vivid colour and authentic iconography.

DoP Diego Gardo employs a frenetic yet contemplative style to the cinematography, balancing the striking spectacle of dance and performance with calmer moments to appreciate the styling, art direction and overall narrative concept.

"Malembe's music video intends to look at pre-Hispanic, colonial, and postcolonial cultures in Latin America through an empowerment perspective," says Jimenez. "It celebrates their rituals, goddesses, and most importantly, it creates memory through Art."


DirectorJuan S. Jimenez
ProducerHayllen Sanchez
1st ADAya Heykal
Director of PhotographyDiego Gardo
Focus PullerFilipa Ekeroth
2nd ACAmmar Mor
GafferBraden Harris
Art DirectorAna Alarcon
WardrobeCorina Bufano
HairGema Dietrich
Make-upGema Dietrich
EditorJuan S. Jimenez
ColouristNadia Khairat Gomez
Grading companyMap Berlin
Lead actorLisa Cervantes @afrodita_jj Luis Alfaro Rosaana Velasco Richard Orozco
Other creditsGrip:Syed Hussin Set Design Assistants: Pauline Bensen; Efraín Antonio Arias Body Paint: Katherine León García; Jeff Hallman Behind The Scenes Videographer: Celine Alisha Behind The Scenes Photographer: Hewád Laraway

Rob Ulitski - 11th June 2020

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