David Knight - 5th June 2020

When Filip Nilsson submitted his new video to Promonews, for Håkan Hellström ("by far biggest Sweden's biggest artist") and featuring a proboscis monkey, he also told an intriguing story.

Hellstrom is notoriously publicity-shy, and never does interviews or PR - perhaps why he only a star in Scandinavia - and Nilsson wrote: "I've always wanted to work with Håkan and I've always wanted to work with a proboscis monkey. Both are equally difficult to grasp and capture on image.

"I rehearsed with Håkan and the nose monkey for almost two months. Finally I managed to capture Håkan (in his matador shrimp costume) and the proboscis monkey together on film one cold night.

"The shooting took place at the Ullevi Arena ( where he normally plays his shows). It was an unreal experience. Any dreams can be fulfilled, this video is proof of that."

Well, we fell for it. But finding out the truth from watching the video is hardly a disappointment - quite the contrary. In a way, the trick is sort of obvious, but the beauty of this video for Alla Drömmar Är Uppfyllas ("All dreams can be fullfilled”) is that everything is based around a single, very visual idea - man and monkey drumming together on an empty stadium, in complete usnsion - so beautifully executed that will stay with you for a long time.

Coldplay did something similar in Adventures Of A Lifetime - arguably their most successful video ever - via Andy Serkis's motion capture studio. Nilsson's effort with Hellström is a step forward from that because in some ways it keeps it simple. Hellstrom - known as the Swedish Springsteen - can make an empty stadium rock. That is the basis for a very strong execution of a basic but fairly ingenious premise. If you have not yet guessed what that is yet... well, just watch the video.


DirectorFilip Nilsson
ProducerJakob Berlin
Executive ProducerKalle Wettre
Director of PhotographyNiklas Johansson
Costume designerDenise Östholm
Set designJosefin Åsberg
EditorEmma Backman
VFX CompanySwiss International
VFXErik Holmedal
VFXLeo Wilk
VFXJan Karlström
Motion CaptureSwiss International / Goodbye Kansas Studios
ColouristTom Poole
Grading companyCompany 3
Other creditsDrummer: Håkan Hellström Monkey: Håkan Hellström

David Knight - 5th June 2020

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