Promonews - 29th May 2020

Bert Brett turns a deserted London into his oyster in Dan Billinghurst's video for Pressure In This Town.

Billinghurst insists that this was actually shot before the official lockdown began, being shot in the early hours of the morning in the week before pubs, restaurants and venues were ordered to close. But Bert certainly appears to have the city all to himself, as he moodily stalks the streets in his raincoat. 

"We tried to capture performance shots in some of London's most familiar landmarks but on empty backdrops, creating an unfamiliar scene in very recognisable locations, delivering the sense of pressure felt by the nation and city at these times," explains Billinghurst. "In post, we applied visual effects to reinforce these ideas, adopting fire, earthquake and other quick cuts and distortion to create an Apocalyptic undertone."

Shot with a two-man crew, on minimal budget, the video is the second release for independent artist Brett who will be releasing new music every six weeks in 2020.


DirectorDan Billinghurst
ProducerDan Billinghurst
ProducerBert Brett
1st ADJamie Sawdon

Promonews - 29th May 2020

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