Promonews - 14th May 2020

Jamie-James Medina has created a lockdown video for Mark Ronson, sourced from his fans all over the world, all shot on the same night.

Quarantine conditions has prompted Ronson to cover Richard and Linda Thompson's folk classic I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight - a song that crystallises that desperate desire to have a night out, meet people, and go a bit crazy. A song he has also dedicated to two great New York music producers lost to the pandemic, Andre Harrell and Hal Willner.

With Raissa on vocals, Ronson requested fans from all over the world to send footage of themselves in lockdown on one night, April 24th. Jamie-James Medina has worked with editor Spencer Campbell in bringing that footage together with self-shot material of Raissa, to create a poignant reflection of the situation created by Covid-19.   


"In the first few weeks, one song I couldn’t stop listening to was 'I want to see the bright lights tonight' by Richard & Linda Thompson. For me, it’s the ultimate song about a messy weekend night out. All the weird but wonderful human interactions that go down. Not knowing what might happen once you head out that front door. Maybe a little hookup, a good time, even a hint of danger. But whatever it is, you know you’re going to forget about the boredom and stresses of everyday life for a few hours.

"I imagine the reason I’ve been so drawn to this song is because I miss that all very much, I bet a lot of us do. I suddenly had this idea to cover the tune and hopefully make a video by asking you all to send in pics and vids of your cities at night.

"I told this idea to Raissa, one of my favourite new artists. She had never heard the song before but loved it and within hours sent me back an incredible vocal that brought a freshness to the tune I hadn’t imagined. And then the your footage started to come in, and it was beyond anything we could have hoped for. So much emotional depth, humanity, humour, love and universality. Jamie-James Medina took all that and was able to make maybe one of my favourite videos I’ve ever been involved with. Dedicated to Andre Harrell, Hal Willner, and all the bright lights who shone."

PRO Credits


DirectorJamie-James Medina
ProducerSasha Nixon
Production CompanyForever
EditorSpencer Campbell
Editing companyFinal Cut
Other creditsTitles: Matt De Jong

Promonews - 14th May 2020

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