Rob Ulitski - 6th May 2020

Danielle Eva Schwob, aka DELANILA, pays homage to New York in the self-shot video for It's Been A While Since I Went Outside. 

Intercutting shots of empty streets and deserted public spaces, the lo-fi visual is promoted as a "visual poem", a collection of moments that mirror the themes of the track. 

Shot whilst under lockdown, the video has a DIY, frenetic feel to it, stripped-back and authentic whilst maintaining an air of spontaneity and experimentation.


It's like a weird dream that never seems to end... I wanted to show people what that feels like.

"This is the fourth single from my upcoming record Overloaded, and was written during a time when I was working at home alone a lot, connected to the outside world through a screen and feeling isolated, much like most of the world is now. This video is a self-made DIY project that I'm calling a 'visual poem', shot in downtown Manhattan during the COVID-19 outbreak and edited while in lockdown.

"While I don’t claim to be a serious filmmaker, I made it because the music felt reflective of the moment and as a proud, longtime New Yorker, I’ve found it quite emotional to see this extraordinary place, which is always packed even at strange hours in the morning, so deserted. It's like a weird dream that never seems to end, peaceful yet with a deep underlying tension. I wanted to show people what that feels like."


DirectorDanielle Eva Schwob
ProducerDanielle Eva Schwob
EditorDanielle Eva Schwob
ColouristDanielle Eva Schwob

Rob Ulitski - 6th May 2020

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