Lassamie Prasimay - 8th Apr 2020

Waste the day away in the sun with Brazilian singer Chico Bernades' soothing tunes... Shot on 16mm film, this music video directed by Patrick Hanser explores the distance that slowly grows between Chico and his imagination through the use of zooms and open spaces.

Chico takes the viewer on an idyllic escapade through nature, in which the dreamlike quality of the scenes is emphasized by nostalgic film flickers.

At times he is the protagonist, as the camera accompanies him on his journey through close-ups and headshots. But for the most part he is a part of the bigger picture, small yet boldly standing out against the lush green scenery.


DirectorPatrick Hanser
Director of PhotographyEdu Rabin
Art DirectorLaura Barbosa
Art DirectorBruna Veras
Camera AssistantFlavio Chacal
Camera AssistantJulia Takamori
ColouristCaetano Braga
EditorPatrick Hanser

Lassamie Prasimay - 8th Apr 2020

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