David Knight - 7th Apr 2020

The pandemic crisis means that a bunch of crowdsourced videos are coming, possibly on a daily basis. But Oakland-based bluesman Fantastic Negrito was quickest off the blocks to ask the question that is now on everyone's lips: have you lost your mind yet? 

With the help of director Freddy Macdonald, FN has recruited the help of quarantining folk from all over the world to collaborate on the making of the video for Chocolate Samurai. And the man otherwise known as Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz (that's his name, don't wear it out) also gets to show that he has more toilet paper than you do.

On YouTube, Fantastic Negrito says: "Have you lost your mind yet? I asked people around the world to send me footage of how they're coping with coronavirus...this is what came back. A moment of light. We may be isolated behind closed doors, but we are in this together. #stayathome #togetherathome" 



DirectorFreddy Macdonald
ProducerFreddy Macdonald
Production CompanyMacdonald Entertainment Partners
EditorFreddy Macdonald

David Knight - 7th Apr 2020

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