Rob Ulitski - 19th Mar 2020

Vagabon battles the elements in Maegan Houang's wistful vision for In A Bind. 

The video takes place in a dilapidated house, where the walls are crumbling and nature has started to take over. Vagabon battles a series of obstacles, as earthquakes rumble underneath and the room begins to flood.  The artist remains poised throughout, weathering the storm and the emotions that are attached to it. 

Featuring beautiful art direction and striking cinematography, the poignant video mirrors the vibe of the track, exploring a transcendent space through the use of abstract imagery. Autumn Randolph's styling is also inspired, transforming from a black draped suit to an angelic white dress over the course of the visual, which is very much open to interpretation.

The makeup work - from MUAs Erin Pea and Fesa - is also standout, switching from blended hot pink eyeshadow to beaded eyebrows, through to a vibrant blue, echoing the experimental nature of the concept. 


"The video relies on the tools of the past and the present to convey the timeless feelings of being trapped, to create a world for the artist to inhabit and rebel against at one and the same moment. We used rear screen projection and practical special effects to create a series of obstacles for her to continuously overcome."


DirectorMaegan Houang
ProducerBen Kang, John Lozada
ProducerJohn Lozada
Production CompanyAntidote Digital
Director of PhotographyJoanna Nguyen
WardrobeAutumn Randolph
Make-upFesa, Erin Pea
EditorHenry Kaplan
ColouristChristopher Ripley

Rob Ulitski - 19th Mar 2020

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