Rob Ulitski - 11th Mar 2020

Hans Van Vliet directs a captivating concept in an artificial world in the video for Parker's Become The Fool.

Inspired by Bauhaus architecture and design, the music video was built in Unity - the iconic game engine - and is among the first of its kind.

Lush textures and photorealistic lighting are contrasted against an invisible figure in a jacket, dancing around in the streets. The clash of reality vs fiction is jarring, yet works perfectly for the track. 

Frozen in time, the world is empty and cold, mirroring the emotionally affecting lyrics. But this changes in the final part of the video, as the jacket begins to transform, with bold primary colours replacing the grey tones. The burst of colour is infectious, seeping into the buildings and landscape, until the world is forever changed.

Hopeful and optimistic, it is difficult to compare this to anything else out there, and that is a huge testament to the creative team. 


DirectorHans Van Vliet
ProducerHans Van Vliet
Executive ProducerDanielle Van Vliet
Executive ProducerAmp; Tash Parker
Production ManagerHans Van Vliet
Director of PhotographyHans Van Vliet
Art DirectorHans Van Vliet
HairIndiana Dessert
Make-upArabella Barwick
EditorHans Van Vliet
ColouristHans Van Vliet
LabelLittle Buildings

Rob Ulitski - 11th Mar 2020

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