Rob Ulitski - 14th Feb 2020

Directing duo When You Hear The Warning present a contemporary dance performance set across a number of locations in Tokyo, in the video for French electronica outfit Parrad. 

The first in a trilogy of visuals focused on a souring relationship, the video for So Cold traces a pair of dancers through temples, gardens, back streets, and up to a moody rooftop. To realise this nuanced vision of a relationship in motion, WYHTW teamed up with award-winning choreographer, Akanecchi, to create a practiced yet spontaneous method of choreography. 

A dreamy tribute to the Japanese city, urban styling and an indie sensibility give this video its intimate yet  cinematic quality. DoP Jack Wells' use of slow and deliberate tracking movements matches the fluidity of the concept, circling the dancers as they bend, spin and crawl across the Japanese capital.

Great work with an international appeal, combining talent from London, Berlin, Tokyo and France. 

When You Hear The Warning: 

“We wanted to capture the sense of an ending in all its colours: rejection, desire, rage, and got mesmerised by the earnest simplicity the dancers brought to this palette. There’s a subtle tragedy to love that’s no longer what it was, which can look so small against the magnitude of the city but feel like everything." 

PRO Credits


Director of PhotographyJack Wells
LabelOnandon Records

Rob Ulitski - 14th Feb 2020

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