Rob Ulitski - 12th Feb 2020

Themes of sexual harrassment and objectification are explored in director Chris Fowles' intimate video for Tyrer's Showgirl. 

Focusing on the story of a young burlesque dancer, and the impact of a toxic relationship, Fowles' confident direction draws out an absorbing performance from Tyrer - impressive considering this project is his music video debut. 

Showgirl highlights the gritty side of an industry obsessed with glamour, and does so with an intelligent and unique perspective.

DP Terrence Wilkins sets the scene with high contrast lighting and an expert use of negative space, mirroring the isolation of the character and the overwhelming negativity of her environment. Utilising a mixture of wides and close-up shots, the jarring juxtaposition represents the uncertainty of the subject in the narrative. 

PRO Credits


DirectorChris Fowles
ProducerAlex White
Production CompanyJealous
Director of PhotographyTerrence Wilkins
Focus PullerMarti Guiver
2nd ACAlex Baro
Art DirectorJenny Dee
HairErika Neumann
Make-upPia Gartner
EditorSam Hodge
Lead actorClaudia Rose Maybury
CommissionerBianca Acca
Other creditsGimbal Op - Denis Plesca

Rob Ulitski - 12th Feb 2020

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