Rob Ulitski - 27th Jan 2020

Luke Orlando explores how emotion manifests in the places and objects we hold dear, in his video for Smileswithteeth. 

Split into two distinct parts, the first half of the video features no people whatsoever. Instead, the tiny details that go unnoticed in day-to-day life are the main focus. The almost obsessive attention to detail in these vignettes is artistic and transcendent, echoing the power and beauty of the present moment. 

The artist is introduced in the second half, through an ambitious one-shot, pulling away to reveal a treasure trove of memories and snapshots of his life. 


The track is called Love, and right off the bat I was like: ‘no way am I making a video about love between two people…’ 

"In the Fall of 2018, I took a road trip from LA to Montreal, where I went to college. The visit was supposed to last two weeks, but ended up lasting two months, and the majority of that time was spent couch-surfing and feeling pretty lost about work, life, and love.

"In that period of being lost, I found myself committing to making a music video for my friend Gabo (aka SmilesWithTeeth). The track is called Love, and right off the bat I was like ‘no way am I making a video about love between two people…’

"So I shifted to making a piece about the spaces we love, and how our love manifests in the objects we hold on to and the meaning we imbue them with. It’s the result of revisiting places where I spent my formative years, and encountering tangible nostalgia in the small details of my old home."


DirectorLuke Orlando
ProducerBen Soussan
Production CompanyNiveau 2
1st ADGabriel J Pelletier
Director of PhotographyJonathan Brisebois
GafferHarley Francis
Art DirectorErika Loyola Andrade
EditorLuke Orlando
ColouristJacob Mckee
VFXDan Frantz, Tim Hendrix
Other creditsGrip: Hakan Vaizoglu Production Assistants: Adrien Taret, Hana Shiraishi

Rob Ulitski - 27th Jan 2020

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