Rob Ulitski - 19th Dec 2019

The Scottish Highlands act as the incongruous backdrop to a couple's ballroom dancing in John Cook Lynch's video for Human Pyramids. 

With the choreography as the central focus, Lynch utilises the stunning 360 degree view at Glencoe. He spins and glides around the dancers, who slowly transform as they lose their travel clothes- backpacks, heavy coats, etc- until they appear in full formal wear. Almost Disney-esque in its aesthetic, the fun and charming vibe is infectious and a great pairing to the upbeat track. 


My approach when conceiving visuals for Paul is to capture the joy and grandeur of his music

"Lullaby is a commission from Paul Russell aka Human Pyramids. Previous we worked together on a part-music video part-VR documentary Crackle Pop which was nominated for a UKMVA, and has played a number of international film festivals.

"My approach when conceiving visuals for Paul is always to try to capture the pure joy and grandeur of his music. Human Pyramids blend of orchestra and post punk is something that's really unique to the ears, so I see it as my duty to create something unique to the eyes to compliment it. I'm always looking for that 'Woah, I haven't seen that before' vibe with my work.

"That's what lead us to one of my favourite locations in the world: Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands, on the only dry day in December, armed with a couple of string players and a couple of very talented ballroom dancers. Budget was low enough to be counted as non-existent, just the talent and me with a run-and-gun set up, and simple but visually bold concept to let the dance and the scenery unfold in front of camera.

"Of course the simplicity of the outcome belies the extreme headache that was organising the elements required to make it happen, namely the availability of everyone, choreography on uneven slightly treacherous ground and of course a day without rain in the Highlands! Sometimes the thing you need to make a unique visual is the belligerence to make something happen where others would give in to taking an easier route, and what we lacked in money we made up for in determination (and luck!)."


DirectorJohn Cook Lynch
ProducerJohn Cook Lynch
Executive ProducerPaul Russell
DancerAnna Wijngaard, Alex Shepherd, Susan Appelbe, Cat Robertson, Paul Russell
DancerAlex Shepherd
CommissionerPaul Russell
LabelThree Mile Town Reacords

Rob Ulitski - 19th Dec 2019

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