Rob Ulitski - 16th Dec 2019

A support group in a community hall is transformed into a stunning frenzy of movement in Vincent René-Lortie and Brittney Canda's video for Sheenah Ko. 

In the community hall, a diverse group of people have gathered in search of an intangible and ethereal sense of meaning. Sheenah Ko is on the podium and as she begins to sing, her voice casting a spell on her audience. That begins to have an irresistible physical effect: individuals start to slide to the floor, compelled to move, perform aggressive flips and tricks, and smash through props.

Part-fantasy and part-nightmare, René-Lortie and Canda's video for Wrap Me Up is unsettling, gripping and entertaining, packed with great performances from their ensemble cast of dancers. Sheenah Ko is impressive too as the confident leader, her hypnotic movement and facial expressions help establish the believability of the idea - this woman could really make you lose your mind and get all of your darkest secrets and emotions out into the open. 

Vincent René-Lortie & Brittney Canda

"Wrap Me Up is a collaboration between three misfit artists with specialties in contemporary dance, electronic music, and cinema. In this work, we allowed ourselves to straddle and blend the genres of music video, dance film, and narrative storytelling. The diverse team, both in cast and creators, has resulted in a work that is unlike any other."

PRO Credits


DirectorVincent René-Lortie
DirectorAmp; Brittney Canda
ProducerSamuel Caron
Production CompanyTelescope Films
Production ManagerGeneviève Boiteau
1st ADCassandre Émanuel
Director of PhotographyAlexandre Nour
Focus PullerKevin Gourvellec
Make-upCarole Methot
EditorVincent René-Lortie
ColouristSimon Boissonneaux
Other creditsDancers: Alisia Pobega, Andrea Ward, Chad Erick Concepcion, Jérôme Simard, Holly Greco, Karl Abraham, Lola Ryan, Miranda Chan, Elizabeth Powell, Sheenah Ko, Brittney Canda, Nicolas Boivin, Roya The Destroya

Rob Ulitski - 16th Dec 2019

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