Rob Ulitski - 29th Oct 2019

Have you ever wanted to see a hybrid concept of David Lynch meets Alice in Wonderland? Well, Jasper Cable-Alexander has answered your prayers. He spins us into a lo-fi dreamworld in his video for Sorry's Right Round the Clock.

The striking, spiraling, surrealist music video for the upcoming London-based band follows a woman stuck in the motion of a broken clock. And yes, it’s as beautifully topsy-turvy as it sounds.

Shot on 16mm in a London pub, the video perfectly hosts the band’s deadpan style and 90s electronic overtones. “The whole process really felt like re-creating a surreal daytime hallucination mixed with a heavy night out," says Cable-Alexander. "The strange mix of characters are the kind that would only appear in your dreams."

If you’re ready to get lost in a quirky otherworld, tuned to hazy neo-rock beats, look no further.

PRO Credits


DirectorJasper Cable-Alexander
ProducerConnie Elmy-martin
Production CompanyThe Graft
Executive ProducerBeth Montague
1st ADDanny Rumbelow
Director of PhotographyKorsshan Schlauer
GafferAlejandro Restrepo Celis
ColouristPhilipp Morozov
Lead actorAlex Cowburn @ Jinjo Casting
Director's RepresentationThe Graft
LabelDomino Records
Production CompanyRankin Film
Other credits2nd AD: Liam Wallace-Cook Runners: Saskia Hoccom, Cecilia Jones, Alfie Fisher Focus Puller: Adam Conlon Loader: Noah Harries Steadicam: Lawrence Gallagher Sparks: Kian Altmann, Susannah Jones

Rob Ulitski - 29th Oct 2019

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