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Dana Gavanski 'Catch' by Jack Barraclough

Promonews - 11th Oct 2019

Dana Gavanski displays a surprising ruthlessness in Jack Barraclough's video for the excellent Catch.

The video begins innocently enough, showing Dana's love for her cats, and lulling you into a full sense of security, before things take a distinctly darker turn. Don’t worry, the cats are fine.

“Catch is a love song to creativity. It describes the longing to make something tangible out of something as intangible as inspiration,” explains Dana on the creation of the video. “To be able to ‘catch’ inspiration as a cat catches mice or hunts for food for her kittens. Living in Belgrade over the last few months, I’ve been watching the street cats, particularly one mother and her kittens. I also sometimes bring them food, thus taking on the role of a provider.

"So the idea for the video came quite naturally, and not subversively. There’s no political underpinning. It’s really just a silly metaphor for how I see my own creativity as a kind of survival. That if you don’t feed your kittens daily they won’t survive, and the same goes for creativity.”

Promonews - 11th Oct 2019

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Jack Barraclough
Jack Barraclough


Full Time Hobby
Full Time Hobby

Promonews - 11th Oct 2019

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