Rob Ulitski - 2nd Oct 2019

Phil Good is joined by a couple of puppet sidekicks in Spencer Graves's video for Wonder. 

Capturing his signature blend of sincerity and humour, the video finds Phil contemplating what his ex may be up to in her new life, through two puppets affectionately dubbed Harvey and Barbara. Quirky and offbeat, the pairing of Good's laid-back performance and the puppets' frenetic and childlike style creates a nostalgic mood, a moment for reflection and chance to relive the good times. 

Tehillah De Castro utilises the abundant natural light in the garage location to create a subdued, desaturated vision of the puppets and their world. This isn't kids TV, where things are squeaky clean and innocent, this is the real world with real stories, and the choice to keep the lighting and mood naturalistic helps keep it sincere. The art direction strikes a balance between silly and mature, with the juxtaposition of childish crayon drawings and superbly crafted cardboard sets. And the puppets themselves are a delight. 

PRO Credits


DirectorSpencer Graves
ProducerRobin Day
Executive ProducerNathan Scherrer
Executive ProducerTara Sheree
Director of PhotographyTehillah De Castro
Focus PullerBree Heard
GafferJay Harmon
1st ADCortez West
Make-upJulie Dinh
EditorAndrew Balaysia
ColouristAndrew Balaysia
CommissionerMandee Mallonee
Art DirectorChloe Badner

Rob Ulitski - 2nd Oct 2019

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