Rob Ulitski - 20th Sept 2019

Marc Corrigan teams up with Archmotors for Sitcom, an animated video influenced by the style of classic 90's point and click adventure games. 

Using the game mechanic as a storytelling device, highlighting and labeling certain elements, the story is set at the turn of the 20th century, just as electricity was beginning to come into use around major cities. As was common around advancements such as this, predictions would be made about the future and its application to life and society.

Charmingly lo-fi with its rudimentary, pixellated art, the video is decidely anachronistic, mixing together an abundance of imagery and nods to several different decades in the art direction. It's also great to see this interpretation of '90s nostalgia focus on the culture of early video games and gaming culture, as opposed to the VHS aesthetic that currently dominates.  


DirectorMarc Corrigan
ProducerMarc Corrigan

Rob Ulitski - 20th Sept 2019

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