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Bombay Bicyle Club 'Eat Sleep Wake' by Louis Bhose

Rob Ulitski - 9th Sept 2019

Bombay Bicycle Club are back, and they bring with them a cinematic comeback tale from old friend Louis Bhose.

Opening with a tongue-in-cheek preamble about British society crumbling without their presence, the video is by no means as lighthearted as that opening suggests. But its certainly celebratory, and a terrific performance video for the new song Eat Sleep Wake by Bhose - who used to play with Bombay Bicycle Club back in the day, before he took up directing. 

We follow Jack through this new society as he tries to reignite his musical dreams, attempting to play a variety of different instruments but frustrated at trying to do it all himself. We are then introduced to the other band members, all following the same ritual. 

Bhose's regular DoP collaborator Murren Turrett does a great job creating a very cinematic sense of the struggle of creation. it all leads up to the moment, when the band make contact with one another again - via smoke signal.

So then it ends, just before the four bandmembers reunite, representing the end of one era and the start of another. 


I set out to make a much funnier video.

"We've made a video that celebrates the returning band, riffing on how much they've missed each other while also poking fun at the big, earnest and dramatic backstories bands serve up for when they reform.

"In fact, I set out to make a much funnier vid. I guess I'm just really really happy they're back too."

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Rob Ulitski - 9th Sept 2019

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Louis Bhose
Callum Harrison
Production Company
Executive Producer
Hayley Williams
Production Manager
Mykola Poluden
1st AD
Mariko Atamanenko


Director of Photography
Murren Tullett


Art Director
Levgen Shramchenko


Anna Aralova
Anna Aralova


Kit Wells
Editing company
Final Cut


Matthieu Toullet
Colour grade company

Rob Ulitski - 9th Sept 2019

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