Promonews - 2nd Sept 2019

Tom Ringsby's video for Norwegian popster Gabrielle (as opposed to the English chanteuse of Dreams fame) takes her into funny-sad territory.

The title Tenker På Deg means Thinking About You in Norwegian, and the song is about being happy for your past lover's new flame, but at the same time, not necessarily wanting to see it up close. But that's exactly what Gabrielle does, waking up with the couple and spending every minute with them. 

Ringsby handles this off the wall idea with dry humour, and a dash of poignancy, delivered in a blissful Scandinavian summer. You can't help feeling for Gabrielle. 


DirectorTom Ringsby
ProducerTommy Karlsen
ProducerValentina Alexeeva
Director of PhotographyHenry Gill
EditorTom Ringsby

Promonews - 2nd Sept 2019

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