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Liz Lawrence 'USP' by Lily Rose Thomas - now signed to Agile Films

Promonews - 30th Aug 2019

Lily Rose Thomas brings into the personal paranoia of Liz Lawrence, as she runs away from some unknown menace, in the video for USP.

The video, in which the singer-songwriter is put through her paces wearing a camera rig, and various GoPros, whilse running through English suburbia and countryside, heralds the director's arrival at Agile FIlms, where she is now based for music videos and commercial representation.



"USP is a song about escaping your fears, and this is what Liz and I wanted to explore with the video - creating an idea that centres around the fact that you don’t have to be able to see your fears for them to be present. The idea was that Liz would run away from and eventually outrun an unknown force, set in a sleepy, 9-5 feeling location - a place with a sense of domesticity that almost feels haunting.

"This was a super collaborative process with Adam Barnett, the DOP, and we had a lot of fun experimenting with different techniques in order to maximise the sense of fear and chaos. We used a body rig attached to Liz, to allow us to focus on her face and build the paranoia, and very lightweight cameras that Liz was able to run with. We also tried attaching a GoPro to different parts of Liz’s body to emphasise the frantic feeling, as well as at one point literally throwing the camera into the bushes.

"This was so much fun to work on, made possible by an incredibly enthusiastic team!"

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Promonews - 30th Aug 2019


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Promonews - 30th Aug 2019

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