Ned Botwood - 29th July 2019

Upcoming rapper *J* glows in this minimalist spookshow by Zak Razvi.

For this shoestring budget visual, Razvi took *J* to the park at midnight with a torch, a handful of filters and a day-glow jacket. That’s it. The photography, by Narayan Van Maele, has a skittery, skeletal quality, and there’s a reliably vibrant grade by Jason Wallis.

Keeping things as sparse and dark as possible, the video gives you the disorienting sensation of walking quickly through a forest in the dead of night. Luckily, according to Razvi, nobody was charged by a deer.

Watch '*J* 'fReEsTyLe' by Zak Razvi' here


Production CompanyFurlined
Director of PhotographyNarayan Van Maele

Ned Botwood - 29th July 2019

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